Wednesday, June 2

View From The Top.

Kanye West x George Condo.
Artwork for "Power".

Kanye comissioned George Condo to paint this for his new single "Power".

Tune Me Out.

The 2 Albums that get me through the work day. JanelleMonae.

The Archandroid.

Suites II and III.

Thank Me Later.
June 15.

Tie Me Down.

Fall/Winter 2010.
Men's Boot Collection.
The first boots are dope as hell.
73,000 Yen = $719.00 = Fall Refund.

Tuesday, June 1

I Need vs I Want.

So it's almost payday at my internship & I can think of a million things I need (want)!

Starting with these Ralph Lauren Purple Label Velvet Slippers! I still want them!
I finally saved up for them last summer & they sold out! #FML.
my birthday is coming up though! $$

"Ralph Lauren Purple Label,
Ain't I fresh as I can be?"

--Posted on the Grind by Black[Ty] from his iPhone

Saturday, May 29

Desert Storm.

Original Desert Mali Boot.
Fall 2010.

Into The Wild.

Christian Louboutin.
Men's Fall 2010.
"Zebra Collection"
The Desert Boots are Sickkk.

Monday, May 24

Shinin' on You N@#%$s.

Lupe Fiasco.
"Im Beamin"

Complex Situation.

"Bucky Done Gun"

Complex Magazine.

Come Home.