Wednesday, June 2

View From The Top.

Kanye West x George Condo.
Artwork for "Power".

Kanye comissioned George Condo to paint this for his new single "Power".

Tune Me Out.

The 2 Albums that get me through the work day. JanelleMonae.

The Archandroid.

Suites II and III.

Thank Me Later.
June 15.

Tie Me Down.

Fall/Winter 2010.
Men's Boot Collection.
The first boots are dope as hell.
73,000 Yen = $719.00 = Fall Refund.

Tuesday, June 1

I Need vs I Want.

So it's almost payday at my internship & I can think of a million things I need (want)!

Starting with these Ralph Lauren Purple Label Velvet Slippers! I still want them!
I finally saved up for them last summer & they sold out! #FML.
my birthday is coming up though! $$

"Ralph Lauren Purple Label,
Ain't I fresh as I can be?"

--Posted on the Grind by Black[Ty] from his iPhone