Thursday, December 24

The Re-up.

"You know they entertain Angels, Adrianna for Gisselle lets exchange Angels"

KanyeWest x AmberRose.

the video says it all.

Saturday, December 19

So Hard.

Rihanna's Gentleman's Quarterly Magazine Cover.

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Monday, December 7

Pottery Barn.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part I.
Movie Trailer.

The Flintstones.

Young Money$.

Little Shy Ronnie.

You get points Robyn. This was funny.
Rihanna x Shy Ronnie.
SNL skit.

Where Are You Yeezy.

[pics via Love-Kanye]

Saturday, December 5


Alica Keys x Drake.
Unthinkable [I'm Ready]
Album: Element of Freedom.

The Art Of Storytelling.

"In the night I hear them talk, the Coldest story ever told...." KanyeWest -Heartless
Kanye West.

VH1 Storytellers.

DVD/CD: 1.5.10.

Wednesday, December 2

In My Mind.

Pharrell Williams x Christian Louboutin.

Seen wearing two of the $1200 sneakers from the new Men's ss09.10 Line of sneakers.

Also seen wearing the white version.
I'm still waiting on these.
they're Sickkk.

[pics via Honyee & Bape blog]

Comes Back Around.

"I lick the gun when I'm done because I know that Revenge is sweet". -Rihanna "G4L"
Chris Brown.
"Famous Girl".
"What Goes Around Comes Around".