Monday, January 25

Street Lights.

Drake x Complex Magazine.

Friday, January 8

Hands To Self.

Saw this over at the.LIFE Files.
funny, lil man don't play.

Monday, January 4

Always & Forever.

"Let Us Stay Young, or let us live forever."
Jayz x Mr Hudson.
Forever Young.

Saturday, January 2

Keep It Moving.

"I Got A Million Ways to Get It"

Jayz x SwizzBeats.
"On to the next One".

Steady Mobbin.

BBc Ice Cream Varsity Jacket.
BBc Ice cream Satellite Crew shirt.

Minimalist Silhouette Jeans. Space Jam Jordans.

I'm Laced.

"Awesome a Christian in Christian Dior, Damn they don't make 'em like this anymore" -Stronger by KanyeWest.

Men's Sneaker.
S/S 2010.